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    The company has more than 3000 tons of steel pipe in stock!
    High-quality steel pipe
  • The company has more than 3000 tons of high-frequency welded pipe, and the logistics will arrive at the project within 1 to 3 days.
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    Focus on high frequency welded pipe industry for many years!
    Exported to Southeast Asia market
  • Focus on high-frequency welded pipe industry for many years, has been rated as the credibility of the use of the supplier, the best quality。
  • Our annual sales of steel, Baosteel, Baotou Iron and steel, Anshan Iron and steel, Dexing, Zhongtian, cross steel and other large steel production of Q195., 235. and other models of raw materials
  • Years of no quality complaints!
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    Can be customized according to your technical requirements!
    Emphasis on reputation building, adhering to good faith management
  • Won 16 national patents
  • The company has complete abrasives and can be supplied with materials.
  • And with well-known pipe fittings, flanges and other auxiliary equipment manufacturers to implement strategic partnership!
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    Perfect service system
    Professional technical guidance
  • Pre sale: quick reply within 24 hours; warmly welcome to visit factory; design product plan according to customer's requirement.
  • Sales: timely feedback production schedule, strict supervision of production quality, ensure customer delivery time.
  • After sale: product quality guarantee; quality parts supply; provide technical support; technical personnel free door-to-door installation; provide product operation, maintenance and technical training.
  • 30 years Focus on the field of steel pipe R & D and manufacturing
    Call consultation, provide product design proposal
  • High stability
  • Durable life
  • direct deal
  • Intimate service
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      Wuxi Ruida Steel Pipe Co. Ltd., is the province of the earlier production of high-frequency welded pipe manufacturers, the company was founded in 1989, to improve the industrial chain has its own cold rolling plant and materials company after nearly 20 years of development, has registered trademarks of "Xin Hondar" "Ruixing access", producing seven series more than 400 varieties, the quality of the products at the company first, widely used in automobiles, ships, construction engineering, agricultural machinery, textile machinery, packaging machinery.......+More+


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